blue-check Financial strategy by 2030

Decision No. 368/QD-TTg dated March 21st, 2022 of the Prime Minister on approving financial strategy by 2030
Posted: 22/3/2022 7:08:50 AM | Latest updated: 25/4/2022 12:04:13 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5419 | Vietlaw: 557

This Decision announces financial strategy by 2030, implemented throughout 02 phases (corresponding to the 2021 - 2025 five-year financial strategy and 2026 – 2030 five-year financial strategy) and specialized through 08 sector strategies as follows:

2. Customs development strategy by 2030;

3. State Treasury development strategy by 2030;

4. Public debt strategy by 2030;

5. Vietnam’s insurance market development strategy by 2030;

6. Strategy for development of Vietnam's securities market by 2030;

7. Strategy for national reserve development by 2030;

8. Accounting - audit strategy by 2030;

This Decision takes effect from the date of its signing.


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Effective Date 21-Mar-2022
ExpiredDate Unknown
Published Vietlaw's Newsletter No. 557

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