blue-check From July 1st, 2023: Autos used for transport business must be installed automobile trackers integrated with cameras for being issued signage

Decree No. 47/2022/ND-CP dated July 19th, 2022 of the Government on amendments to some articles of Decree No. 10/2020/ND-CPstatus2 dated January 17, 2022 of the Government of Vietnam on auto transport business and conditions for auto transport business
Posted: 20/7/2022 7:22:36 AM | Latest updated: 29/8/2022 2:06:45 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5501 | Vietlaw: 571

One of the new noticeable points of this Decree is that auto transport businesses must, upon starting transport business for the first time, install automobile trackers integrated with cameras for being issued signage.

However, this regulation shall come into force from July 1st, 2023 and only apply to autos used for transport business that have to be installed cameras.

In addition, this Decree also supplements the regulation on prohibiting from use of cars having fewer than 10 seats (including the driver) converted from cars with at least 10 seats for passenger transport business.

When autos receives consignment goods (consignees do not accompany the goods by), the consignees are required to fully and accurately provide information including names of goods, volumes (if any), full names, addresses, ID numbers and phone numbers of consignees and consignors.

This Decree takes effect from September 1st, 2022.

To abrogate clause 8 and clause 9 Article 19 of Decree No. 10/2020/ND-CPstatus2 dated January 17th, 2020.


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Effective Date 1-Sep-2022
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Published Vietlaw's Newsletter No. 571

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