red-check Law on inland waterway navigation (2004)

Law No. 23/2004/QH11status2 dated June 15, 2004 of the National Assembly on inland waterway navigation
Posted: 22/5/2011 10:44:00 AM | Latest updated: 27/8/2022 11:06:42 AM (GMT+7)

This Law provides for inland waterway navigation activities; conditions to ensure safety for inland waterway navigation infrastructures, vessels and people participating in inland waterway navigation and transport.

This Law was passed on June 15th, 2004 by the XIth National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam at its 5th session and takes implementation effect as from January 1st, 2005.

Amendement notes
  • See more amendments and supplements at Law No. 48/2014/QH13 dated June 17th, 2014.
  • Clause 3 Article 75 of this Law shall be abolished from January 1st, 2017. See more the new regulations at Law No. 97/2015/QH13status2 dated November 25th, 2015.
  • See more amendments and supplements at Law No. 35/2018/QH14status2 dated November 20th, 2018


Effective Date 1-Jan-2005
ExpiredDate Unknown

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Penalty document

blue-check 139/2021/NĐ-CPFines imposed on inland waterway navigation violations from January 1st, 2022


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